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You will find this is the best way to travel in Europe. This experience is by far one of just pure enjoyment.

The best way to travel in Europe, is to purchase a Eurailpass. This is a ticket that will allow you to travel through-out Europe on just about any train in Europe. You will be able to travel in about 17 Country's in and around Europe.

What I like to do is purchase a ticket and take a train ride from one place to another. Say for example I will take a train in the morning from Milano, Italy at about 10:am and finish my trip at about 6:pm in the evening in Bern,Switzerland for dinner. Now how does that sound? I find this is the best way to travel. Also when you do purchase a train ticket always remember to validate your ticket, it's mandatory that you do this. The Train station always has a validation machine around somewhere for you to validate your ticket or ticket's.

If you don't validate your ticket you will end up paying a lot more money when the conductor comes around to punch your ticket. Usually the machines are yellow and are in plan view for you to see. But it's easy to forget, so don't forget!

Plus I think it's a very safe way to travel in europe! You still have to keep your eyes open, but you feel safe. There is no place really safe to travel except for maybe Japan, but they have their problems too.

If you like to travel and want to have some fun in the process, then take the eurailpass and go on a adventure of a life time. It's the best way!

Here's a link for you...http://www.raileurope.com/us/index.htm

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Some Good Italain Restaurant's

Not a tourist trap!

sunny 33 °C

Rome is a very interesting City. Their are so many things you can do in this City, it's almost impossible to get any sleep (Well at least if your hanging with me). With all the restaurant's available in the City, you'll find an assortment of culinary wonderment's in this City. Rome is one City where you can almost go to any restaurant and eat well. But I must remind you that, it's best not to get set-up in a Tourist trap. These are the restaurant's that will have a set America menu. Most Italians will not even step in one of these types of restaurant's.

For the most part they will sever you what you think Italian food should be like. For example Meat balls, pasta Alfredo( I think Alfredo lives in America somewhere close to the Manhattan bridge),Coco cola( The American wine). We use to always make a joke about that one.
But for me if you are going to go to any Country you must experience all of what that country has to offer. That's the only way to live.

So in my saying so I would like to tell you of some great restaurants in the Country of Italy. This is only my opinion, I think I have a pretty good taste of restaurant's. After all I have lived in Europe(Italy) for about 8 year's now,so believe me when I say it's good.

Here you will be expose to some of the best restaurants in Italy. Their are many to choose from, but I think that if you ever make it to some of these restaurants you will be one happy camper.

This restaurant here is a small place with big ideas for fish lover's. The idea of this restaurant is to come and sit down and enjoy an culinary experience of fish. Fish is the only thing they serve along with vegetable's and of course some good wine. It's one of those restaurant's that's been pass down from generation to generation,and yes they do have a Pic. with the Pope on the wall. Anyway don't expect to eat meat here It's a FISH Restaurant!

This is one of the restaurants we would go to every time we were in Rome. OK so now you want to know where? Well if you are in front of St.Peters Squire, it will be to the right of you. On this side of the squire you will find many shops of religious artifacts, restaurants, and gift shops.

The address for this Restaurant is:

Hostaria da Benito e Gilberto al Falco (we would just call it Benitos)
Via del Falco, 19_ S. Pietro
Roma, Italy

Now if you are ever in Venice, Italy by all means go to this restuarant here(Actualy it's in Mestre which is out side of Venice).

The restuarant is called:

Trattorio dall’ Amelia (famiglia Boscarato)= Family Boscarato.
Via Miranese 113 Mestre (Ve)=Venice, Italy (It’s in Mestra) Super dinning and elegant food. A must stop

The only thing I have to say is (OMG) this restuarant here is a pure delight. I was seated at this restuarant for hour's, eating and expermenting with each dish that they bought to the table. One plate after another, just thinking about this place makes my mouth water. This restuarant can cook a steak to perfection. The chef has a special grill that he would use to cook the steaks on. The grill was made out of V shape stanless steel and he'd grilled the meat on an open flame, should I have to say anymore?

You know, Italy to me is one of best place's to eat. Don't get me wrong, I love french,German,chinese,Greek,Japanese cooking as well. But I feel comfortable in Italy at the table. I like seeing Families at the table eating together and chating about the day's work or what ever. The feel of Family is very important today.

Well if you ever make it to one of these resraurant's please send me an e-mail and tell me your experience.

Ciao for now,

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